I must say I’m surprised to see you again so recently. Though I’ve seen your name on my calendar for weeks, you still manage to catch me by surprise! I admit, I don’t feel ready for your arrival, there is still so much left undone and unsaid. But perhaps that’s why you’re coming. Maybe it’s better left untouched and unspoken.

You are merciless in your forward propulsion. I know, I get it, you see above the hazy cloud of present comfort; you want to help me travel into those brighter futures I’m always raving on about. But don’t you see, I’m just not ready yet!

Okay, fine! If you insist, I’ll get my bags and grab my coat. Just give me one last moment to relish in blissful memories and wallow in the sad nostalgia of saying goodbye….If you look at your watch one more time, so help me! I know we’re late! Some things just can’t be rushed!

Why is travel with you always so uncomfortable? Could you upgrade us to first class next time please? It’s awful crowded here with all of my insecurities and wishes for days of yore pressing on me from every side. I wouldn’t mind something a bit more spacious.

Okay, now that I’ve gotten settled I can see that you want me to say you told me so, but I refuse. If I indulge you now, it will make you insufferable the next time you come to visit. Now that doesn’t mean you weren’t right. That being said, and I mean no offense, I wouldn’t mind if you stayed away for awhile. Have you ever considered taking a sabbatical? I’ve heard Paris is nice.


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