the chase is thrilling,
the search unending,
compensation compelling,
desire always building.
What’s the treasure I’m pursuing?
What’s the prize in earnest sought?
Not just a pal, a bud, a chum–
I’m searching for a kindred spirit!

Kindred is a funny word,
with roots back to the family.
But in lieu of sharing genes and noses,
we share souls
sowed in like-minded rows.
The kindred friend comes naturally;
Never forced, coerced, contrived.

Life events don’t form this kin-tight bond,
It’s something far far deeper.
What it is, that’s hard to say,
Much easier to feel.

Forget flustered stammerings
of poorly-articulated feelings.
No no. No no – no need,
cause you get me so precisely,
so perfectly, so thoroughly,
words become a waste
except when used to say
“I’m glad I’m not the only one!”
Or to revel in this friendship dear.
Cause I get you and you get me,
we are true kindred spirits.


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