Turn left, veer right, flip a u-ey,
straight forward–wait! turn around!
Further down the neural pathway
I travel in forced isolation.
Totally forgot where I came from.
Nothing looks familiar.
Where are my landmarks–
To do lists, conversations, assignments–
Nowhere to be found.
I am lost in thought.

Not sure how I got here.
The GPS glitches every time.
I’m lost. I’m trapped. I can’t get out.
If I go left, I’ll get stuck
in hopelessly romantic fantasies…
can’t let that happen again.
But right just leads to
visualizing failure,
and goodness knows,
I’m not going back there!
Down the way a little bit
I think I see relishing in blissful memories…
Sounds fun, but I don’t think
I’ve got the time.

Think, think, backtrack,
where’d things go south?
Or was it north?
I think the why mountain marks east
Does that mean how is west?

Wait, hushhhh,
I think I hear something,
“Emily, what do you think?”
Ah, safe at last!
Transported back to reality.


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